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Designed for Success

April 2017 Edition of VIP Destin Magazine

When it comes to home decorating, not everyone feels up to the challenge of doing it themselves—nor does everyone particularly want to—and that’s where an interior designer truly gets their chance to shine. Rather than leaving you to flounder in indecision about what you need or want, these are the pros who can guide you along through each step so that when you look at your home, you see something you love.

Achieving that goal has been the perfect design for success for Furniture South owners Frank and Julie Kovach, a dynamic team of interior specialists who’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years. And when they set up shop in 2012, they put their mad skills to work to create a store with everything one might need to live in comfort and style.

Having previously owned a thriving furniture store until 2009 when economic decline caused a decided slump in the real estate market as well as a nationwide tightening of the purse strings when it came to home décor, the Kovachs were hardly new to the game. Their expertise was indeed great, earning numerous accolades at their first store including Best Furniture Store in addition to Julie’s own notoriety as Best Interior Designer. But rather than simply resuscitating their original store once the economy improved, their new venture was structured to be different than anything else available in the area. That, in fact, is their company slogan: “Expect something different.”

And different is what they deliver, working with clients on custom furnishings, offering space-planning and start-to-finish design and installation, and operating a spacious showroom that carries a wide range of pieces and accessories that can be purchased right off the floor. Their difference is three-fold—their pricing is significantly less than that of their competitors’, their stock is immediately available and can be delivered the day of sale, and their design services are a complimentary part of the purchase.

Coming from Julie, who holds a Degree in Design from the University of Alabama as well as a NDCIQ national interior design designation, and her team of five designers, those complimentary design services could hardly be considered a throwaway “gift with purchase,” as one would easily see from a quick glance through their portfolio of work. Homes all throughout the Emerald Coast bear the touch of Julie and her team, and clients who come to Furniture South for their home décor needs have come to trust them for the excellence of their work, the proficiency of their staff, and the quality of the products they carry.

“We work hand in hand with our clients through the entire process when we take on a design project,” says Frank. “We help them select a style or design theme, establish a budget, and work with their floor plans to more accurately determine the scope of their project; and from there, we start selecting finishings and furnishings that will fully suit their needs and bring their vision to life,” he continues.

As one might expect to find in a resort community such as the Emerald Coast, a great number

of their clients are actually out of state for the duration of their project, necessitating a constant stream of online interaction. But rather than such distance becoming a stumbling block, Furniture South deftly navigates the interactive market by offering their services online and full ordering capabilities for many pieces in their collections. “We’re designed for ‘One Source Shopping,’ both in our showroom and online,” Frank explains, going on to reference the 80 different lines of merchandise and 2500 pieces available in their brick and mortar store as well as more than 100,000 items available on their site. “We pride ourselves most on what we provide our clients aside from just beautiful furniture,” he explains. “Fulfilling our motto be different and fully execute our desire to be the only source needed by our clients means that we really do it all—from design and selecting furnishings to installation and staging. We make the entire process easy and seamless from start to finish and guarantee satisfaction.”

And no matter the trend, that’s one design that will certainly never go out of style.

Furniture South is located at 4552 Highway 98 West, Unit 8, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459. Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (850) 267-1411 or visit

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