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Furniture South Announces Interior Designer of the Year for 2017

Furniture South recently awarded Becky Wetzler the Designer of the Year for 2017. This marks her second year receiving this award. “We are delighted with the outstanding team we have put together to serve our customers. It is a group with incredible talent. Becky has the highest production and customer satisfaction, and this has enabled her to receive this honor two years in a row," said Frank Kovach, Owner of Furniture South.

Becky has an extensive background in interior design and sales, and over the past four years has done design work in Colorado and Florida, adapting and developing her design skill set along the way. She studied interior design at Bellevue College in Washington state and also has a degree in graphic design from Principia College, which she puts to use to help convey her design ideas digitally for clients. She loves working with owners to transform their homes into beautiful and functional spaces. Whether it's selecting a few new pieces of furniture or art, or designing a complete remodel of the home, Becky enjoys all aspects of the design process, and is passionate about her work! Most of all, she is very dedicated to her clients and customer satisfaction.

"I'm honored to receive this award, and am very grateful to work with such a creative and supportive group of coworkers. It's a collective effort from our dynamic team that makes these designs a success and our customers happy," said Becky.

Furniture South has grown very rapidly, doubling their display and warehouse area in 2017. “The dynamic growth of South Walton, with building permits for new homes soaring, is propelling the growth of Furniture South. We have over 5,000 items in the new showroom and offer 30% to 50% off all merchandise. We have a trained staff of ten professionals and look forward to continued growth in South Walton County," said Kovach.

Contact: Frank Kovach Owner P: 850-267-1411


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